Michael-John is an artist with a serious pedigree and a reputation that

cannot be denied. Lead singer/songwriter for the famed All Sports Band, 

he has performed at Maddison Square Garden and other iconic venues to

global audiences. He has been seen and heard over 36 million times on

commercial TV and Radio shows that have seen him reach the very pinnacle

of the music industry. He has had two Top 100 Billboard hits and worked with

incredibly talented artists throughout his recording career. It is therefore no

surprise that his venture into a solo career has delivered immediate results.

‘I’ve Gotta’ Get My Freedom Back’ hit the number one spot on MTV USA for

4 weeks running in July 2020 and has received over 200,000 views on YouTube

and over 80,000 views on Facebook. It is a song about returning to the freedoms

and liberty that have been denied us through this unfolding crisis, and lifting up

those minorities that have been unfairly targeted through hate, xenophobia, racism

and misogynistic commentary. This Rock Anthem is about togetherness and

bringing freedom back to the people in a spirit of peace and unity. 

‘I’ve Gotta Get My Freedom back’ is released as part of Michael-John’s  upcoming

album ‘Phenomenon’ which features artists such as TOTO lead singer

Bobby Kimball; Larry Dunn, original keyboardist, arranger and writer
with Earth Wind and Fire and Deniece Williams (Let's Hear It For The Boy!)

of Footloose fame. The album is filled full of musical styles that will appeal

to every audience; Reggae, Calypso, Rock, R & B and Dance. 

A solo career ultimately brings that sense of freedom that we all crave

and as Michael-John spreads his wings, that freedom will lead to the

artist further enhancing that burgeoning reputation as a complete Phenomenon.